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First Trio Concert And First Virtual Concert

PUBLISHED 1st Nov 2020

FG Live Lounge with Graham, Pan Yaung Chel and Pan Thun Chel aired nationwide on CANAL+ Gita Channel on the 5th of September. This is the first concert of the father-daughters trio coming together. Though the trio did not perform together, over 20 songs were performed on the night, with Graham performing many of his hit songs, duets with Pan Yaung and Pan Thun, as well as solo performances by each of them. This is also the first virtual concert for them. They performed live with Hi Bird band while a small group of fans were pre-selected to watch the concert directly from their homes and participate as the live audience. Since this was a virtual concert, fans from overseas also got to attend the concert. Pan Yaung Chel mentioned that there was a lady watching the show while putting her baby to sleep, a little girl watching the whole show by herself, fans lighting up their names on their phone screens and fans holding up their albums and autographed pieces. She said that they all had a wonderful time together and that she’ll always remember the show.

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