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Lake Pyar Season 2 is about to begin its production!


“Lake Pyar” a CANAL+ original crime detective tv series presented by CANAL+ an Bonanza Production is about to begin its production early March for Season Two. “Lake Pyar” Season One received many love and support thanks to the viewers, the fans and the teamwork “Lake Pyar” crew had. Pan Yaung Chel will be once again taking on her role as Lake Pyar, a female detective with an intelligent mind and extraordinary talent for deductions. “Lake Pyar” Season Two is said to include many more casts than Season One, and will also include villains much more evil and hard to fight than those in Season One. It is said to also include more action scenes. Therefore prior to filming, Pan Yaung Chel and other casts involved received fighting trainings in order to deliver the actions scenes well. “Lake Pyar” Season Two casts include Khar Ra, Aung Ye Htike, Charlie, Myat Noe Aye, Pan Yaung Chel, Min Oo, Ye Aung, Min Thu, Than Than Soe, Lu Mone, May Toe Khine, Min Myat Soe San, Ja Seng In, Han Htoo Naing, Min Myat, Ye Naung Cho, Koon, Min Thit, William, Angela K and many more.

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