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uab x Pan Yaung Chel x VISA Cards

PUBLISHED 30th Jan 2021

UAB Bank launched Myanmar’s first VISA Celebrity Gift Cards with Pan Yaung Chel and Paing Takhon on the 15th of August. These prepaid VISA cards came in four different designs based on one of Pan Yaung Chel’s values in life. The name of the cards are – Love Your Career, Love Your Family, Love Your Environment and Love Yourself, with the theme based around love. When connected, the four cards form a heart symbol in the middle. These cards are available in stores and online, and can be used both online and offline anywhere around the world where VISA is available. Each card is said to have a maximum balance allowance of 1,000,000 MMK and the ability to refill/top-up online or at the bank.
Article by uab bank :

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